Former Government Agent Donates Cash


Former Government Agent Donates Cash 6/7/14  By : Robert L. Macdonald

Jerry Andrews,  a former undercover agent with the United States government. Has donated over  two million dollars , which he claims were some of the profits made by businesses while he was doing undercover work for the government for almost 30 years. Mr. Andrews who recently retired from govt. service had worked undercover in foreign countries for his first few years of service,  but later most of his work involved running several front businesses including some illegal  businesses for the American government in order to gain info and track assets.

Mr. Andrews has had to go undercover in jail and prison  to keep his cover and to further  track and gather intelligence on suspects.  Just a few years ago, He was loaned to civil authorities. Mr. Andrews has worked undercover in several states such as Florida. In cities like key west, Sanford and Tampa were he ran an Adult business that allowed him to further his work but, make a profit.

In 2006 Mr. Andrews got married to a woman who he met through the embassy while doing undercover work in the Ukraine and started a family, he has now decided to retired from active service.  All the illegal front business were dissolved along with some  legitimate ones, others were kept open and still turn a profit.

Mr. Andrews decided to donate some of those profits to those in need .

When asked what was the hardest part of being undercover for so long and having to go to prison for his government he replied. “Technology has changed an awful lot in all that time.And now I have a family I have noticed a lot of people look up who I am online . Even though we erased my records when I retired . It still shows up or can be found cached somewhere on some server and sometimes it can cause embarrassment. Sometimes people even harass my kids about it,  However It’s been a good life and I feel I have accomplished a lot.